XCW Episode 11

More classic XCW starring Kymberly Jane, Nicole Oring, Tammy, Cadence St. John, and Diana Knight! Tammy squares off against Nina Kwan, but is quickly and completely outmatched–especially when Nina’s manager Cadence gets involved! The two heels DESTROY Tammy, focusing many of their vicious attacks on Tammy’s big breasts! It looks like they might completely end Tammy’s career when suddenly GI Jewell bursts from the locker room to save her! Unfortunately for Jewell, the evil Marquise was waiting for this–she and Nina double team Jewell and viciously destroy her! Marquise tortures the totally helpless GI Jewell for a long cruel duration, before finally pinning her! Is this the end of GI Jewell?? Breast attacks, low blows, head blows, forced orgasms, double teaming, and more!

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