Vickie Learns About Losing A Catfight Part 05

Sia Savages mouth started to water when we paired her up with the new girl Vickie. Sia loves to introduce new catfighting vixens to her savage scissors and very sexy savage smothers. Well Vickie was not impressed and was sure that she was going to be able to take Sia but she was in for a very big and punishing surprise. Sia fans will love this encounter as she is in control for most of the match and introduces Vickie to the Sia Savage way of suffering. Sia looks so hot as she torments Vickie with the hottest scissors in the business and some of the hottest smack talk ever on the mat and if you love scissors you will love this match. Oh and did I mention Sia and her smothering skills. Sia rides Vickie’s face like a tool of pleasure and Vickie is made to suffer to the max as Sia pleasures herself at Vickie’s expense. Vickie to her credit does get control at times and shows Sia she is a fast learner but it is the hot and sexy Sia Savage that works over the new girl for the most part in this dream encounter. If you love catfighting you will love this title . If you love one sided encounters and enjoy watching a women suffer then this is a title for you. It is a true one of a kind encounter that you will never forget and must be a part of your collection. There is a very special preview of it on our site at you can view or you can check out the short preview clips here. It is in our Full Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound and our Clipx file length so it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to check some of it out. Get this match for your very own and watch it when ever you want and I promise it will get better and better every time you view it as you will see more and more of the detail that is in this very hot catfight. You should own it for yourself so it will be there to please you when ever you want . Buy it , own it , cherish it forever. This is Part 05

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