Trashy Jackie vs Big Sexy Jade Part 04

She is mean , sexy as hell and there is never a boring moment when she is around and that can only be Trailer Trash Jackie . Jackie had problems with Jade during one of our live shows and they agreed to meet one on one for a catfight showdown. Jackie was eager to get the big sexy Jade on the mat , "I am going to beat that bitch and wipe my ass all over her face" said Jackie . Jade was not impressed and just want to get it on. What happened next was a classic catfight between two pissed off women that wanted to settle a score. Jackie waste no time in getting Jade on the ground and under her crotch and ass. Jade took it like a real battling vixen and then returned the favor to Jackie. This is a great catfight filled with tons of smothering and some of the best smack talking you will ever hear. Jackie fans will love this match and if you love the bigger sexy women then Jade will trip your trigger. If you love a great hair pulling face sitting encounter then you to will love this match also and you need to add it to your collection and I highly recommend it to you . It is a true one of a kind encounter that you will never forget and must be a part of your collection. There is a very special preview of it on our site at you can view or you can check out the short preview clips here. It is in our Full Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound and our Clipx file length so it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to check some of it out. Get this match for your very own and watch it when ever you want and I promise it will get better and better every time you view it as you will see more and more of the detail that is in this very hot catfight. You should own it for yourself so it will be there to please you when ever you want . Buy it , own it , cherish it forever. This is Part 04

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