Toni vs Kyla Toni Wants A Rematch In True H.D.X Full Screen Part 01

When you see H.D.X Full Screen it means that when you purchase and down load these files and click the Full Screen option on your media player these files will fill up your screen from top to bottom and side to side. No more black bars or unused space on your monitor. It’s the full and complete picture the way it is meant to be seen. Crystal clear detailed filled and it’s going to take your breath away as you watch. When you get use to seeing our great catfight material this way you will never be happy with anything less. Kyla is a mean and very vicious catfighter. She loves to beat up and dominate other half naked women and it really gets her off to make them suffer and plead with her for it to stop or beg her to please stop sitting on their pitiful face with her sexy ass. The night before Kyla had really brutalized and humiliated the new girl Toni in front of a live crowd and Toni was steaming and wanted to go at it again with The Queen Of Mean as she had learned a few moves from her beating and her other matches on the show. Kyla was not at all afraid and was looking forward to setting on sexy Toni’s face again so she said bring it on. So in this title Toni and Kyla go at it one on one and this is a very sexy catfight. Toni is bigger and has learned how to use that to her advantage while Kyla is just plan mean as well as being very skilled. The battle goes back and forth as both vixens use sexy scissors and brutal breath stealing smothers to make the other suffer and fans it is so hot to watch it will steal your breath away as you view it. Kyla fans have got to add this to their collection and any one that loves a great catfight will also enjoy this catfighting encounter.Both women are hot to look at and exciting to watch and the excitement is non-stop. This one will quickly become one of your favorite catfights and you will watch it over & over again. You can see the H.D.X Full Screen preview on our site at or you can check out the free small previews here then add this title to your collection and you will see the amazing picture difference as your screen explodes with these women in this true beat your ass and make you suffer bitch encounter . Take my suggestion and get this title if you love a great catfight or are a fan of Kyla’s and remember it is in true H.D.X. Full Screen so it is going to fill your screen with the suffering and agony . This is Part 01

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