The End Of Lee As Ass Smothering Shannon Ends Her Catfighting Career In True H.D.X Full Screen Part 03

When you see H.D.X Full Screen it means that when you purchase and down load these files and click the Full Screen option on your media player these files will fill up your screen from top to bottom and side to side. No more black bars or unused space on your monitor. It’s the full and complete picture the way it is meant to be seen. Crystal clear detailed filled and it’s going to take your breath away as you watch. When you get use to seeing our great catfight material this way you will never be happy with anything less. Shannon and Lee had fought many times and Shannon just always seemed to have Lee’s number. Shannon was always able to wear Lee down and ended up beating her with her world famous Ass Smother and always did it with a smile on her face as she truly enjoyed making Lee suffer . Our fans and Shannon’s fans love to watch these two go at it but after about 4 matches Shannon was determined to get rid of Lee once and for all. I am going to beat that bitch Lee in this match like she has never been beaten before. When I am done with her this time she will never want wrestle again Shannon told us. Well that is exactly what Shannon does in this encounter. She beat Lee to the point that Lee is begging Shannon to stop pleading for it to be over and left nearly naked exhausted and humiliated on the mat . In fact Shannon is the only women alive that has ever stripped Lee of her top and mauled her breast just to make her suffer. I took her dignity and her pride when I stripped her topless and then sat my smothering ass all over that black bitches beaten face Shannon bragged after the match. She will never be back and in fact Lee has never returned. If you love watching Shannon smother scissors and dominate then this title is for you. If you love a hot blond beating a ebony women"s ass then get this title. In fact if you are a catfight fans of any kind you need to add this title to your collection. It is that hot and I highly recommend it to everyone reading this. Add this one to your collection now. The smothering is hot and plentiful and the smack talk grand until Shannon has beaten and punished Lee all she wanted , which was enough to end Lee’s catfighting life forever . I highly recommend this great encounter to all Shannon fans and those of us that love to watch a women suffer and fans it is hot. You will never forget it once you watch it and you will watch it over and over again and it will bring you pleasure each and every time you do for years to cum. You can see the H.D.X Full Screen preview on our site at or you can check out the free small previews here then add this title to your collection and you will see the amazing picture difference as your screen explodes with these women in this true beat your ass and make you suffer bitch encounter . Take my suggestion and get this title if you love a great catfight beating or a suffering women and remember it is in true H.D.X. Full Screen so it is going to fill your screen with Lee’s suffering and agony as you watch Shannon dominate her and once and for all end her catfighting Career. This is Part 03

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