"SUCK MY CUNTZ" : THE CUNTZ : rehearsal CATFIGHT 5 . 1080p mp4

_ _ _ _ THE FINAL BEATDOWN. BANNED FROM MTV! Originally filmed for a reality tv show about bands that constantly fight, the band THE CUNTZ performs a special song called "Suck My Cuntz" directed at their rival band on the show: GASH BASH – who use the same rehearsal space, and who THE CUNTZ now accuse of stealing their style. In this uncut footage, the lead singer Lydia Vengeance is wearing a tiny tube top, superheroine mask, and pink transparent tights – with no panties on underneath. She gives her most energetic performance to date – wildly jumping around the room -which causes her tube top to slip down repeatedly, and expose her nipples. The bass player Terra is also wearing a loose fitting lingerie top that her boobs keep falling out of; as well as loose fitting ripped up low-rise jeans, that keep slipping down off her hips, and eventually down to her ankles. Lydia quickly gets bored of just singing to the camera, and starts to direct the song and it’s message towards Terra, who then puts down her bass, grabs Lydia’s eye mask, pulls it back -off of her, and then let’s it snap back hard on her face. Lydia stops for a second to hold her face, and then proceeds to strip Terra naked, and spanks her booty with some hard slaps. The two wrestle around on the floor until Terra pulls Lydia’s see-thru leggings off of her, exposing her bare pussy, but Lydia dominates Terra, by putting her in a headlock, and rubbing her head hard – messing up her hair "Cousin It" style– completely covering her face. Lydia toys with Terra like this for a while- choking & smothering her with her own hair, grabbing at her boobs; keeping her in a headlock until she gives up and is left lying on the floor naked. Don’t miss the other clips featuring THE CUNTZ !* * * * * FULL SCREEN HD 1920 x 1080p MP4 VERSION.

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