Submit You Pinned & Beaten Bitch Ginger vs Lisa Part 03

We had a fan that contacted us with a desire to make a custom title . He wanted big tits Ginger to take on a women that she could beat and then pin over and over again as a show of her dominance and superiority . Well we had a smaller sexy blond vixen named Lisa that Ginger wanted to test out and teach her some things about catfighting so we set it up. Ginger knew that she had to work over the pretty blond Lisa and wear her down so she could pin her as her generous fan had asked for. So Ginger started the match with that in mind. Lisa however was not in on the plan and was ready to fight it out and give as well as she got much to Gingers surprise. Lisa battled the bigger and more experienced Ginger back and forth until Ginger final got the upper hand and then it was suffer baby suffer. Ginger has the sexy Lisa right where she wanted her and starts the pinning for her custom fan. Ginger pins Lisa and counts to 4 then jerks Lisa up by her hair and starts with some more punishment. Time after time Ginger has Lisa beaten and stops the count at 4 and starts again until finally she pins Lisa down and counts to 5 and then throws the beaten Lisa out of the ring .This is a great catfight and especially for fans of pins big tits sexy blonds or a beaten and suffering loser. Also there are lots of sexy scissors , breast smothers and other hot and nasty catfight action that is sure to please. Ginger and Lisa are both hot and this will be a title you will watch over and over again and it will get you off every time you do. It is a super hot turn on catfighting encounter that we loved filming and that you will love watching. There is a very special preview of it on our site at you can view or you can check out the short preview clips here. If you love Ginger pins a great erotic encounter or really big tits then you have to add this title to your collection.You will watch it over and over again and it will get better every time you do Check out the free preview on our site at carolinacatfights or view the small free previews here but above all get this title. It is in our Full Screen Plus screen size so you are getting a great picture and sound while you enjoy these women in this very hot erotic catfight bitch fight encounter . It will bring years of pleasure and enjoyment as you watch Ginger turn Lisa into her beaten and suffering victim in this must have encounter. This title will get better and better every time you watch it so add this to your collection now and let it get you off every time you watch it . Get it and Enjoy ! This is Part 03

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