PCF-61-3 SD: 3. Kathy vs Bella Sue – Rematch

3. Kathy vs Bella Sue – RematchThis is the kind of fight I’d like to do again! I had one hell of a job trying to make sure that it wasn’t ME who was the victim! The best part was when we were both standing with our asses against the wall. Kathy wasn’t interested in defending herself, it was 100% attack! Ouch! It hurts even now when I see it on the DVD! And just when I thought I had Kathy under control, she literally tore my ass apart! And not only apart, surely she’s not going to… aaargh, not into there! A super fight – I liked it especially when I was in danger of losing and had to fight back, to crush her tits! Kathy has so much tit, and to submit, to feel the pain, is pure adrenaline!

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