Ivey & Her Sexy Scissors vs Crushing Kristie Part 02

The smooth creamy skinned Ivey has a lot of fans in the catfighting realm. She is sexy , knows who to wrestle , and is a hell of a talker. She has some of the sexiest scissors in the business and catfight fans love to watch her use them .Kristie one the other hand is a seasoned veteran tough as nail and mean as hell thats why we call her the crusher . Kristie thinks that Ivey will be a treat for her and Kristie plans on Beating Ivey’s creamy ass and making her suffer Etsold style. Well Ivey was just as determined to show Kristie that she was the one that was in for a beating. Fans this catfight is back and forth for awhile but much to Kristie’s surprise the younger Ivey begins to take control and then give Kristie a great beating. Ivey will be torturing Kristie with her scissors as she wraps her silky smooth thighs around Kristies head then poses for you and scissor fans it is going to make you drool . Ivey looks super hot when she traps Kristie in some great facesits and Kristie can only suffer as Ivey rides her face for your viewing pleasure. This is one of Ivey’s best matches and all Ivey fans will have to add this one to there collection. You will never forget it once you watch it and you will watch it over and over again. There is a very special preview of it on our site at carolinacatfights.com you can view or you can check out the short preview clips here. It is in our Full Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound and our Clipx file length so it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to check some of it out. Get this match for your very own and watch it when ever you want and I promise it will get better and better every time you view it as you will see more and more of the detail that is in this very hot catfight. You should own it for yourself so it will be there to please you when ever you want . Buy it , own it , cherish it forever. This is Part 02

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