Double Teamed & Beaten Down Lisa Harmony & Gia Part 03

We can not begin to call this a catfight because it’s not really. It’s more of a beating by far then a catfight or wrestling match. Gia and Harmony are very special friends or so Gia thought. Then a custom producer wanted to see Harmony and Lisa in a match together and he wanted them to beat Gia’s ass and really make her suffer just for him and he offered Harmony and Lisa a bounty to make Gia suffer to the extreme for his enjoyment. Well Gia could not believe it when she found out that her so called friend Harmony was taking the money and she was very pissed and excepted the match. Harmony was not at all effected by Gia’s outrage and she told us it would just make it easier for her to earn her money. As soon as the match started and facing Harmony and Lisa at once the only thing Gia could do was take the beating that they gave her and fans I mean it is a ruthless and pain filled beating from start to finish. Harmony and Lisa viciously beat Gia and her body and especially her belly is left a bright red after the match is over. The scissors are crushing , the belly punching brutal , Gia’s cries of pain are loud and real and the pleasure you will see in Harmony and Lisa’s eyes as they beat thier victim are oh so hot it is going to drive you wild. It is easy to see that Harmony and Lisa really enjoy themselves and really get into the pain that they are dishing out to Gia and the agony that they put the sexy Gia through all for the money our fan has offered to them and they have no regard for Gia’s feeling or friendship. This is a great "Kick Your Ass & Sit on Your Beaten Face Bitch" encounter because Harmony and Lisa really do beat Gia’s ass and you have a ring side seat to watch Gia suffer. It is in our New Xtra High Quality Plus Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound as you enjoy this hot and sexy wrestling encounter. Watch the short free previews here or visit our site at for a very special look at this catfight encounter and then get this match for your very own .Believe me you will not be disappointed especially if you love to hear a women scream and suffer. This is Part 03

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