Brutal Babes 95- Psycho Doctor 3

In yet another catfighting classic Dr. Lacy has set her sights on a new victim. This time it’s the sexy 6ft goddess Jessica Kane. Jessica was a patient of Dr. Candle who was helping her with a knee injury Jessica has while she was running track. The sexy athlete that Jessica Kane ids immediately wants to fix her problem and get back on track. When Dr. Lacy tells Jessica of Dr. Candle’s disappearance, Dr. Lacy is all too eager to replace her. They begin to talk about Jessica’s knee and eventually do some stretches to work it out. while Jessica’s back is turned, Dr. Lacy grabs her rope and quickly raps it around Jessica’s neck and begins to choke her. Jessica, the athletic beauty that she is manages to fight Dr. Lacy off by throwing her to the ground. Dr. Lacy quickly gets to her feet. Jessica manages to get her breath back, but before she could do anything Dr. Lacy gives a real hard kick right to the cunt. Jessica drops to her knees in pain, unable to overcome the pain. Dr. Lacy knows how effective a kick to the crotch can be and made sure she used it to her advantage. Dr. Lacy mocks Jessica and uses her foot to push Jessica onto her back. Dr. Lacy seeing the the pain that Jessica is in decides to cause even more pain when she steps down onto her knee grinding her heel right into her kneecap. The pain on Jessica’s face says it all. Dr. Lacy takes her foot off Jessica and enjoys watching her hold both her crotch and knee in pain. She’s even more amused when she watches Jessica slowly get to her feet. Once Jessica gets to her feet, she makes the mistake of Having her back to Dr. Lacy. Dr. Lacy takes the opportunity to deliver another hard hitting kick to Jessica’s pussy from behind dropping the athlete once again. Out of all of Dr. Lacy’s victims, she’s brutal with more brutal with Jessica then any other victim. But will the athlete Jessica over come the psycho doctor and finally be the one that can defeat her. You’ll get this and so much more with this video. Another CLASSIC. Starring Michelle Lacy and Jessica Kane.

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