Breaking In Brandy Talisin vs Brandy Part 01

Talisin called us up and said I have a new girl that wants to wrestle and I really want to fuck her so set us up. This girls name was the now legendary Brandy. When they arrived for the match that weekend we could tell immediately why Talisin wanted to get her hands and body on Brandy so badly as this women was hot. My mouth dropped open when Brandy came out in her bikini as did Talisins and it was easy to tell that both of these women were ready to get there encounter going and their hot bodies touching. Talisin had a lot more experience then Brandy and she really lead the way for most of the match and took advantage of Brandy’s hot nearly naked body and her super fine big tits as much as she wanted. Brandy started to catch on fast and Talisin begin finding Brandy’s hot cunt and ass on her face which she did not mind at all. This match turned into a hot "I am going to fuck you later" erotic encounter and if you love sex fights or really steamy and very real erotic matches you are going to love these women and this title. The scissors are sexy the smothering hot and the women get horny and all of this combines for a great encounter that you will absolutely love. Check out the free previews here or on our site at to see what I mean and then add this one to your collection .You will never forget it once you watch it and you will watch it over and over again. There is a very special preview of it on our site at you can view or you can check out the short preview clips here. It is in our Full Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound and our Clipx file length so it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to check some of it out. Get this match for your very own and watch it when ever you want and I promise it will get better and better every time you view it as you will see more and more of the detail that is in this very hot "want to fuck you " catfight. You should own it for yourself so it will be there to please you when ever you want . Buy it , own it , cherish it forever.This is Part 01

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