Bad Grandpa’s Cinnamon vs Asian She Bitch Kim In True H.D.X. Full Screen Part 01

When you see H.D.X Full Screen it means that when you purchase and download these files and click the Full Screen option on your media player these files will fill up your screen from top to bottom and side to side. No more black bars or unused space on your monitor. It’s the full and complete picture the way it is meant to be seen. Crystal clear detailed filled and it’s going to take your breath away as you watch. When you get use to seeing our great catfight material this way you will never be happy with anything less. Yes this title does indeed feature Denika who plays Cinnamon in the Jackass Movie Bad Grand Pa .Kim has been away for awhile but there was one catfighting bitch she really wanted to get her hands on as soon as she returned and that is the hot blond Denika. Denika had beat Kims ass and set all over her face in their last meeting and Kim was very hungry for some mean nasty and painful payback. Denika was more then ready to meet Kim again and was bragging about how she was really going to make Kim suffer this time and really show her whom the better bitch is. We could tell that this one was going to be mean and nasty when the women arrived. They warned the camera man to not get involved and both women agreed to a anything goes until the winner was satisfied with the pain she had inflicted. Wow that makes any catfight a very hot encounter and this on lives up to this hype. As soon as the match started both women lose their tops and the catfighting gets very mean very fast. Both women really work over the others exposed and naked breast. They use some incredible tight and crushing scissors and even go so far as to pull each others mouths apart as they insert their fingers into the others mouth and pull brutally to inflict as much pain as possible. The battle rages back and forth with both women giving and taking a lot of pain and doing a lot of suffering for your viewing pleasure and if you love a mean and nasty catfight with lots of beat your ass street fighting moves as well as great make you suffer catfighting tactics this match is going to you wild. I mean these two go at it to hurt and humiliate and it is really going to excite you as you watch them destroy each other until one just can not take it any longer and is forced to give up and suffer. Fans this is a great great catfighting encounter between two experienced and vicious women that you must add to your collection. You can see the H.D.X Full Screen preview on our site at carolinacatfights or you can check out the free small previews here then add this title to your collection and you will see the amazing picture difference when you download the files and click Full Screen on your media player. Take my suggestion and get this title . It will bring you years of pleasure and enjoyment as you watch these two sexy wrestlers work over each other in this hot wicked mean and nasty catfight fight. It will get better and better every time you watch it and remember it is in true H.D.X. Full Screen for the best picture possible . This is Part 01

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